About Tactics Unit

Here at Tactics Unit, we believe every enthusiast deserves the most useful gear recommendations, beginner or seasoned veteran. It can be a hassle to find the best gear and accessories, especially when you don’t have time to watch all the YouTube videos or skim through forums.

That’s why we’ve made it our goal to vet archery tools and write a comprehensive guide on the best while helping fellow enthusiasts learn how to operate them safely.

Finding the best tactical apparel, crossbows, recurve bows, compound bows, archery or bow sights and scopes, arrows, ranges, and targets should be quick and easy. And if a low price is a priority, affordable gear and accessories should be equally easy to find. Thankfully, our team of experts checks all of those boxes and more. We create every detailed guide to help real people find quality solutions.

A Tactical Squad… on Your Speed Dial

Carefully selected for their special profile, our elite team has decades of archery experience in responsible bowfishing, training, competitive shooting, and hunting. They are keen on educating people about archery and bowhunting.

With a combination of experts’ experience and insight from seasoned vets, we can help you narrow your options to find the right fit. Every resource we create is backed by practical applications and aimed at equipping and empowering readers with information that truly matters. Offering a caliber of research that is rich beyond measure. There’s no bias, no fluff, and no ax to grind.

Explanatory Guides and Safety Tips

Information about archery can be both accurate and fun. And we are dedicated to create and post guides and tips that are mutually active by including enhanced visuals and interactive imagery. The team communicates research in an engaging manner. And we look forward to reading your opinions in the comment sections. We say that ideas load the gun, but intuition pulls the trigger. Well, what does your instinct tell you?

Just for You

When it comes to protecting yourself and your family, going on a hunting trip, or engaging in competitive shooting, never rely on inaccurate or obsolete information. The stakes are simply too high. Personal security and survival are top priorities. Find archery research, guides, and other resources — all in one place.

Every American deserve free and open access to resources and information to safeguard against security threats. And that’s exactly what we do. We help well-meaning people and fellow enthusiasts level up their knowledge about archery and safety tips in a way that’s fun and easy to read.

Think of us like your bow-obsessed buddy who gives succinct explanations in a sublime fashion. We are delighted to have you on board.

Management Team

Tactics Unit is a family of enthusiasts committed to archery education and awareness.

Steven Barnes

Director of Content

Steven Barnes is a mechanical engineer and a member of several pro-second amendment organizations. He is passionate about safety, technology, and competitive shooting. These days, he leans towards educating good folks about archery and safety procedures. Steven also enjoys tracking the equipment trends of various special operations forces and adding more gear to his already robust collection.

Alexander Matovu

Editorial Manager

Alexander Matovu is an attorney, a writer, and a decorated archer. Alex first released a bow at a young age. It belonged to his granddad. Soon, he acquired the skills to make a well-placed shot on his quarry. Now he has over thirty years of archery experience, shooting, upgrading, and tinkering. When you don’t see him at the range, you can find him here at Tactics Unit sharing his passion and knowledge of archery.